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IT & Technology, Tekhs Services Limited
IT & Technology, Tekhs Services Limited
IT & Technology, Tekhs Services Limited

Managed IT Services

All businesses need a level of IT to function, Tekhs ensures that all of its services are to the highest of standards, with no compromise. All aspects of you and your businesses needs are met, from VOIP and Telephony Solutions, to Networking, Monitoring and IT Support, Tekhs has you covered.

IT & Technology, Tekhs Services Limited

Networking and Infrastructure

Whatever the requirement, Tekhs provides the very best in detailed networking solutions for your business. We are proud of our skills and expertise in developing high quality LAN, SD-WAN, WAN and WLAN Solutions. As well as this, we can assist with all of your business needs for its infrastructure requirements, from servers to cloud solutions.


IT & Technology, Tekhs Services Limited

Structured Cabling

Tekhs provides an experienced and detailed service in providing you and your business with high quality structured cabling services. Whether it be a new business venture, expansion of your existing network or remidial work on your existing network, we have the skills and expertise to carry out all of your Data Cabling needs.
IT & Technology, Tekhs Services Limited

Want to get a handle on working remotely and increase flexibility?

It’s not uncommon of the modern era for both ourselves and our employees within our business to want a greater flexibility in their working. The days of the standard office 9 to 5 are gone and in it’s place is a varied schedule. To unlock your business and it’s people’s true potential, technology can increase our ability to work more flexibly and not always within the the office. Want to see how you can achieve more?

Our Approach

We Consult, We Project, We Support.
This enables us to ensure all aspects of your IT Services receive the highest level of service that your business deserves

We Consult

Tekhs, IT Consultancy provides your business with its first step in getting the most from your IT Services. Our Consultancy Services can support your IT Audit, IT Hardware & Software Asset Tracking as well as Structured Data Cabling Quotations and Assessments.

We Project

Tekhs Project services provides your business with all it needs to deliver on its IT Services, Cloud Services, Wireless & Networking Services or Structured Data Cabling needs.
From single project delivery to on-going improvements as part of your Managed IT Services & Solutions.

We Support

Tekhs Support services provides your business with all it needs for its Managed IT Services. From Structured Data Cabling, Endpoint Protection, cloud Services, Managed NaaS (Network as a Service) or our end user support available for both on-site or Remote IT Support via our Support Desk.

Our Core Services

Tekhs Provides its clients and customers with core services that can help to enhance your businesses needs. From IT Support Solutions, to Data Cabling Installation, Cloud Services and Networking Solutions

IT & Technology, Tekhs Services Limited

Managed IT Services

Tekhs Managed IT Solutions provides support to your businesses IT requirements with a tailored solution that meets your needs. Our Managed IT Solutions ensures desktop support either remotelyor on-site needs are met to keep your business running smoothly. Our highly experienced Support Engineers are on hand whenever you need with an on-call service to provide you with everything you need night or day. We can meet your procurement needs too and support your Infrastructure, keeping your business online at all times.

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Cloud Services

Tekhs Cloud Services helps your business embrace the power nd ease of modern technology whilst delivery highly resilient, cost effective and flexible connectivity and services to your business. Tekhs offer a spectrum of services in the cloud, from office appications such as Microsoft Office 365 to Sophos Endpoint Protection, VOIP & Telephony as well as storage.

Networking and Wireless

Tekhs Networking and Wireless services keep your business connected all the time. From Guest and Customer WiFi & Corporate WiFi to Cabled Data Networks. Our Networking and Wireless services ensure your dat and applications are available wherever you are, from SD-WAN solutions to streamline multiple sites connected to one network or our VPN Solutions to keep you connected out and about.
Our Network as a Service (NaaS) solution provides a complete package to manage your business connectivity needs.
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Structured Data Cabling

Tekhs Structured Data Cabling in all forms of Cat5e, Cat 6, Cat 6a, Cat 7 or even Cat 8, Outdoor Data Cabling and Internal Data Cabling provides an experienced and highly detailed service for your businesses cabling needs.
Whether a new business venture, a new office, office move, expansion of your existing Data Cabled Network or even remedial work on your existing Data Cabling, we have the skills and expertise to meet our clients needs.
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Our Software and Technology providers

Tekhs provides a range of products and services to its customers to meet their every need. Some of these products and services comes from the companies you see here.
IT & Technology, Tekhs Services Limited
IT & Technology, Tekhs Services Limited
IT & Technology, Tekhs Services Limited
IT & Technology, Tekhs Services Limited
IT & Technology, Tekhs Services Limited
IT & Technology, Tekhs Services Limited

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