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We Support

Tekhs Support services provides your business with all it needs for its Managed IT Services. From Structured Data Cabling, Endpoint Protection, cloud Services, Managed NaaS (Network as a Service) or our end user support available for both on-site or Remote IT Support via our Support Desk.

We Support, Tekhs Services Limited

Our Support work…

Our support services can help your business in your moment of need. We can provide support whenever you need it most. From Naas (Network as a Service), end user support both on-site or remotely from our support desk services. We also provide network monitoring, endpoint protection as well as server administration and patching.

We Support, Tekhs Services Limited
We Support, Tekhs Services Limited

Network & Wireless Support

Have a cabled or wireless network you need monitored and supported? Our NaaS (Network as a Service) support means that you’re always covered, night and day.

Structured Data Cabling Support

We can support your cabled network, ensuring that your network is up and connected at all times. We can monitor and ensure that whenever you need your network, it’s totally reliable and supported.

Cloud Services Support

Utilising the cloud is becoming a more diverse and important part to any businesses IT strategy. Getting your busines the support it needs for it’s cloud services couldn’t be easier with Tekhs.

Managed Services Projects

Getting the support your business needs couldn’t be easier. Tekhs provides your business with the support services it needs, from end user support to managed print and telephony & VOIP. Simple.

Our Support does more!

Our support services go far beyond just our core services. Our support services enlist a host of services themselves. From Managed Print Solutions to Telephony & VOIP.

Telephony & VOIP Support

Want to get your telephony & VOIP services in hand? Our support means your phone systems are kept up to date and running at all times.

Managed Print Services Support

Getting your businesses printing under control couldn’t be easier. Tekhs can provide a managed print service to your business. Maximising your cost effective printing needs.

Security Support

Need to ensure your business is secure? Our security services ensure that your businesses users, hardware and data and kept safe from vulnerabilities and attacks.

Licensing Support

Do you need managed licensing support for your business? We can provide cost effective licensing solutions, from operating systems, to software’s and Endpoint Protection

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