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We Project

Tekhs Project services provides your business with all it needs to deliver on its IT Services, Cloud Services, Wireless & Networking Services or Structured Data Cabling needs.
From single project delivery to on-going improvements as part of your Managed IT Services & Solutions.

We Project, Tekhs Services Limited

Our Project work…

Our Project work can help your business when you need it most. We can help to deliver on projects whenever you need. From integrating a new WiFi solution, completing Data Cabling work or implementing a new cloud solution, our project solutions have your business covered.

We Project, Tekhs Services Limited
We Project, Tekhs Services Limited

Networking & Wireless Projects

Want to improve your network and wireless solutions? We can provide improved networking solutions, bettering your businesses productivity.

Structured Data Cabling Projects

Have a need for some new structured data cabling? Tekhs provides a project service to deliver newly installed cabling into your business premises. 

Managed Services Projects

Need a managed services project completing? How about a managed print solution or your Telecoms & VOIP services? Our projects can provide the deployment solutions you need

Cloud Services Projects

Does your business utilise the power of the cloud? Our services can help your business harness the future and improve its redundancy and reliability.


Our Projects do more!

Our project work goes far beyond just our core services. Our project work enlist a host of services themselves. From Mobilisations, to Cyber Security.

Windows 10 Deployment

Does your business still use old technology? Tekhs can move your business into a more modern and secure  operating system whilst keeping your data safe. Tekhs can provide a full migration solution


Need to get your business moving in a new site? We can provide a complete mobilisation service, providing new hardware, cabling and installation into your new offices, warehouse and factories. 

Hardware Upgrade

Is your business running tired old hardware? We can supply your business with a full migration solution, swapping old for new hardware whilst maintaining your applications and data ready to keep your business operating at its best.

Cyber Security

Want to ensure your business is secure? We can supply and install the necessary security applications and hardware ensuring your business is kept safe and secure.

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