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Tekhs IT Consultancy provides your business with its first step in getting the most from your IT Services. Our Consultancy Services can support your IT Audit, IT Hardware & Software Asset Tracking as well as Structured Data Cabling Quotations and Assessments.

We Consult, Tekhs Services Limited

Our Consultancy work…

Our Consultancy work is the ideal first step into exploring both your existing IT as well as your future IT.
Our consultations allow both Tekhs and you to explore what is really possible in the most cost efficent and future proof way to effectively improve your businesses use of technology. Our consultancy work means that we’re able to provide you with the best possible solutions to suit your every requirement and fulfil your every need.

We Consult, Tekhs Services Limited
We Consult, Tekhs Services Limited

Consultancy about Wireless & Networking

Our Consultative approach allows us to get the most out of your business network either wireless or wired.
At the start of all of our services, we ensure that we are clear about the existing and the future. Once agreed, we’ll begin the work in no time.

Consultancy about Structured Data Cabling

Before we complete any work for your structured data cabling, we ensure that we have completed a thorough assessment of your needs and the site itself. Once we’re all agreed, we’ll get onto the job right away at a time convenient to you.

Consultancy about Cloud Services

Thinking of utilising the cloud in your business? It’s more than you think and may be more cost effective too Want to see what your business can do in the cloud? We can create and deploy solutions that are suited to you.

Consultancy about Managed IT Services

Not yet found a provider for you? Thinking of moving your IT Support to someone else? Want to see what Tekhs are all about? We can provide a fully or even partially managed solution that is tailored to you and your business needs.


Our consultancy does more!

Our consultancy work goes far beyond just our core services. Our consultancy work enlist a host of services themselves. From Network Schematics, to IT Asset tracking.

Mobile Device Management

Want to get a bit more control on your mobile devices? Our Mobile Device Management service implements complete control of your businesses mobile devices. Taking control of your mobile devices helps you regain control of your devices applications, mail accounts and streamlines your mobile device efficiency.


IT Auditing

Need to get a handle on your IT? Our IT Audit consultancy services helps your business find it’s full technology diagram. Our IT Audit ensures a complete approach to finding the complex interior to your businesses network, hardware and software as well as a full report to conclude.

Asset & Hardware Tracking

Struggling to keep track of your hardware assets? Our Asset and Hardware tracking services can be on hand to fully audit and document and keep track of your hardware. No more unnecessary purchasing of new equipment, keep a live track of your assets and get control over your IT Hardware.

Network Diagrams

Suffering from Wi-Fi dead spots? Want to know how far your network goes and can go? Our Network Diagram services gives you a full layout of all of your network data points so you’re fully in the know of exactly where your network is and how well it’s running.

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