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Upgrading, updating or a brand new install of some of the latest in WiFi technologies can prove to be very beneficial.

Offering a free to connect WiFi service to customers, a wireless network for staff to utilise or even for handheld equipment like card readers.

Our Wireless solutions ensure you benefit from complete coverage too.

For a range of clients, from small offices, to large hotels and onwards.

Our Networking and WiFi Services

Being connected to your businesses network or even the internet is a crucial part of any business. Staying connected is what sets your business apart from the rest. Giving you the chance to connect faster, work faster and deliver your products and services faster.

Tekhs WiFi

New Network Installation

Thinking of going bigger, better or faster with your next network? Tekhs Network services can give you stronger WiFi, faster networks, more secure than ever.

Upgrade your existing network

Get the most you can out of your network with new high speed infrastructure and WiFi with more security than ever, increasing productivity, security and reliability.

Network and WiFi Support

Does your network need repairs or replacement? WiFi deadspots or equipment not functioning correctly? Our support service can have your business up and running in no time.

Our Networking & WiFi Services

Tekhs WiFi

Whether you’re a small branch office, a one man band or a large corporate. Our networking solutions are designed to meet your every need using the latest and best in technology, we create endless opportunities for your business to thrive in technology. Providing, safe & secure solutions that operate at the efficent speeds you need to work.



Our Software and Technology providers

Tekhs provides a range of products and services to its customers to meet their every need. Some of these products and services comes from the companies you see here.

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