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Our Data Cabling Services


Data Cabling
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What We Offer

From small networks, to large offices. Tekhs provides the services your business needs no matter the industry. Our team of engineers are on hand to deploy your Data Cabling network at a time that suits you, including, out of your usual business hours meaning that your business suffers less disruption and zero downtime. We cater to all of our clients needs, from network design services, through to installation and repairs.

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Need Data Cabling?

Everywhere we go, from shops and cafes, to doctors surgerys. The internet is available wherever we are. And connecting us all, from WiFi Access Points to Desktops, Point of Sale Systems and all manner of other devices. We’re all connected with a sophisticated network of Data Cabling.

Tekhs provide services from initial design, through to installation creating a future proof infrastructure to keep your business, whatever it’s nature, tailored to your every need.

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Fibre Optic

Fibre optic has become a more and more well known subject in recent years with the rise in FTTH/FTTP (Fibre to the Home/Fibre to the Premises) becoming more and more available.

Businesses, schools, colleges and universities also use Fibre Optic cables to connect longer distances. Whilst copper Cat5e, Cat6, Cat6a and onwards cabling is limited to a maximum distance of 100 metres, Fibre Optics do not suffer these same issues with some grades of cable able to continue for 1,000’s of metres.

Singlemode or Multimode? Similar to copper, fibre comes in various different grades, either singlemode or multimode, OM1, OM2, OM3, OM4 or the latest OM5 as well as OS1 and OS2.

So if you need fibre optic cables in your business or premises, why not get in touch?

Our Structured Data Cabling Services


Full Network Installation

From expansion of your existing business network, to new premises. Whatever your new business venture may be, Tekhs are on hand to install all you need to get your network connected. Utilising our data cabling network solutions means that your business can add real value into it’s services.

Upgrading your Existing Network

As your business grows, so should your network. Tekhs can provide a cost effective solution to implement your data cabling network quickly and easily expanding to match your every need.

Network Support

From repairs for damaged or faulty network ports, to failed cabling or our supported network monitoring systems which mean your business is covered no matter what the eventuality. We have fast response services meaning that we can have your data cabling network up and running again in no time.

Service Agreements

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Our Managed Framework Agreement delivers multiple benefits, a more cost effective approach by building a long term, strategic partnership and provides a fast and effective service.

This creates an easy and effective route to ensuring that your network services are running at their optimum, all the time.

This means that for both BAU as well as project works, we’re on side to provide a fast delivery of service.

As part of the Managed Framework Agreement, our engineers visit your site, either in one or multiple locations, carry out a full audit to test and certify all network points, once everything is up and running, it’s as simple as giving us a call for any repairs or projects.

Something of interest? Get in touch.

Our Software and Technology providers

Tekhs provides a range of products and services to its customers to meet their every need. Some of these products and services comes from the companies you see here.

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