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Protecting your home or business has never been more important, with a continuing need for people to protect their worthly possessions, from cars to homes or business premises. Tekhs Protect, provides a service where we can install and configure the high quality camera security that you need.

Security Camera, Tekhs Services Limited

To deliver the safety and security you need to your home or business, we use Unifi Protect products, this ensures that your property is secured, can be viewed remotely through the Unifi app and creates an environment of infinite customisation. 

Security Camera, Tekhs Services Limited

CCTV or IP Cameras - What's the difference?

In a world where we’re all desperate to quickly ensure our properties, businesses and cars are all kept secure, there becomes more and more confusion over what type of camera you should use to protect your valuables.

So what’s the difference between a CCTV system and IP Cameras? Well, as much as they both feed an image back to a device to either view live, record or do both, we have to start by looking at the definition of what a CCTV system is. 

CCTV stands for “Closed Circuit Television”, this is a system that is not accessible from the outside world by very definition as it is a “Closed Circuit” which means that it is completely isolated from the internet and traditionally would be viewed on a single screen either a monitor or connected to a TV to view.

Modern technology and the demand for it has seen a significant rise in the use of IP Cameras. 

IP Cameras are cameras that are connected to your network either at home or within your business, record their footage either locally or to the cloud directly to ease playing back footage at a later point. This means that the footage can be viewed live through an app, through the web or secured on a hard drive.

Thanks to the growing popularity of this technology, Tekhs provides a secure way of installing a protecting your most valuable assets. 

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Tekhs creates a solution for your home or business from the ground up, tailoring to your needs whilst ensuring that your camera are fully compliant with local laws and regulations. We supply, install and support your camera systems to ensure you’re always protected.

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Security Camera, Tekhs Services Limited

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