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Our Services

Our services are broken down into four key areas to provide a clearer service to you, our customer. Tekhs provides not only IT support to businesses all over the UK remotely and on site, but our approach means that we’re able to fulfil your needs no matter what. Tekhs Protect is to provide your business with the protetion it needs and our data cabling and networking services are there to keep you connected at all times. 

Data Cabling

Everywhere we go, from shops and cafes, to doctors surgerys and planes or trains. The internet is available wherever we are. And connecting us all, from WiFi Access Points to Desktops, PoS and all manor of other devices. We’re all connected.

Cloud Services

Tekhs Cloud Services helps your business embrace the power nd ease of modern technology whilst delivery highly resilient, cost effective and flexible connectivity and services to your business.

Networking & Wireless

Being connected to your businesses network or even the internet is a crucial part of any business. Staying connected is what sets your business apart from the rest. Giving you the chance to connect faster, work faster and deliver your products and services faster.

Managed IT Services

Tekhs Managed IT Services enables your business to thrive doing what it does best. We’re right behind you doing what we best too. We takes care of it all. Day-to-day support, infrastructure maintainence, projects and more.

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